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Donna McClelland is a Civil Marriage Celebrant in Margaret River. Marriage Celebrants are non-religious and are able to perform a legal marriage ceremony. Performing down south weddings in a relaxed and caring manner, Donna will marry you anywhere, anytime. Beach weddings, farm weddings, vineyard weddings, winery weddings, backyard weddings. Elopements and Pop Up weddings, too.

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As I get older (eek!) I realise I have become quite the feminist. For me it is the fight for equality, for all. It means recognising the privileges I enjoy and fighting discrimination in all of its forms - even if its not happening to me. Discrimination isn’t just based on gender, but also abilities, skin colour and sometimes the person you love.
On December 9th, 2017 in Australia the laws changed regarding same sex marriage. The Marriage Act now states that marriage in a union between two people. The first time I was able to say that, was a surprisingly emotional moment. The congregation I was addressing burst out in applause and cheers, and the couple I was marrying, (hi Liz and Tony), were delighted. I got a little choked up, there was something in my eye - it was a monumental occasion.
There was talk of a flood of new marriages, of everyone in the wedding industry getting rich off the fat stacks coming our way from all the newly engaged couples rushing to the altar. But I knew it wasn’t going to be that way. Everyone wants their special day to be amazing - and whether you suddenly decide to elope or spend a good 2 years (or a lifetime) planning, marriage isn’t something to be taken lightly, just because you can.
By the time March rolled around and I was finally able to officiate for Lauren and Stacey, things had settled a little bit. I was excited, they were nervous, their guests were full of joy and their wedding planner and close friend, Brooke, was stressed out! It was freezing, threatening rain. The venue looked amazing, Lauren and Stacey were looking stunning and Stacey was rocking some serious shoe bling. Shannon Stent Images took some beautiful pictures (like this moment of pure joy right here) of a very happy couple, and they got hitched.
It was pretty much just another day at the office for me - except that my office is so fancy and I get to wear my best frock and I have the most amazing job with the very best feels in the world - nothing (but of course everything) to see here! No more debates or arguments, and no more labels. You see, now that we have marriage equality, these two lovers have a marriage. It’s as unremarkable and as wonderful as that.
So… here’s to tying the knot! And may your marriage be as epic as your wedding day.
D x

Lauren & Stacey, snapped by Shannon Stent Images

Lauren & Stacey, snapped by Shannon Stent Images


In my life before I became a marriage celebrant, I was (am) a graphic designer. I have been blessed to lead a creative life, which I never took too seriously and enjoyed a lot.

I have had the good fortune and wonderful adventures of working with mad geniuses - and some people who were downright mad. I have slaved under impossible deadlines and seen beautiful ideas come to life. Along the way, I made some things I'm really proud of - especially friendships. Nothing is better or more satisfying than finding someone who 'gets' you. Not just because they bring out the best in you, but because they support you, too. Collaborations rock!

Which brings me to where I am now - marrying people. Cementing in place the greatest collaboration there can be: marriage. Oh, challenge and compromise and big battles, too - but at the core of two people working together successfully, there is joy.

Yesterday I met a beautiful couple in person for the first time - they live in Cairns and I live in Margaret River. Pretty much as far away from each other on mainland Australia as you can get. We've had a long and fruitful correspondence, but to see them in person, in each other's company was magic. I can't wait to see them married tomorrow. They're keen as mustard - not just for the party (it's going to be epic), but also for Every. Single. Day. after…

Their's is my first wedding of the 16/17 season. I've married over 200 couples and been at it for more than six years - but I still get a little bit nervous, because I want it to be super special. 

So luckily for me I'll have the support of some of my best creative friends there, too. Besides all the love - it's the best bit about being a wedding professional in my little town. The photographers and videographers are my pals, they are uber talented, super nice babes and they don't publish photos of me with double chins. These folk are my family every other Saturday till May, and they help me stand tall and smile.

So here's to collaborations: creative amalgamations of love and energy and support, and being surrounded by babes!


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