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Donna McClelland is a Civil Marriage Celebrant in Margaret River. Marriage Celebrants are non-religious and are able to perform a legal marriage ceremony. Performing down south weddings in a relaxed and caring manner, Donna will marry you anywhere, anytime. Beach weddings, farm weddings, vineyard weddings, winery weddings, backyard weddings. Elopements and Pop Up weddings, too.

an amazing MARGARET RIVER elopement!

Choosing to Elope can be a huge and very brave decision, and my pals and I are here for you. As a local wedding professional it is my absolute pleasure to sing the virtues of my home town and area to anyone who will listen - and I'd be delighted to help you out with some of my inside knowledge. You already know how gorgeous the place is, and coming here to do something a little bit daring and a bit special can be a daunting prospect. If there is anything I can do to help create the magic just let me know. Introductions, directions, connections - I'm happy to share the love.

BECAUSE GOOD things come in small packages

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What can be arranged?

Elopements usually mean small and intimate:

• We can help you choose a super gorgeous spot with our local knowledge and 'secret spot' spots.

• Provide you with a Legal Australian Civil Marriage Ceremony

• Call in our crew - blooms, hair and makeup, cakes, snacks, brunch, a private table somewhere or a helicopter ride into the wild blue... if you have an idea, we have the connections.

• A magnificent and talented photographer to capture your smiles and some of your adventures on the happiest of days.


What is legally required?

When you sign up for an elopement, it’s a legally binding marriage.

So: you need to book in at least four weeks (a minimum of 31 days) ahead - Australian law dictates a ‘one calendar month’ notice period.

That involves completing an NOIM (notice of intent to marry), having it witnessed by the appropriate person (I am more than happy to meet up, drink coffee, chat about you and do this), and then submit it to me.

You need to produce:

• Current Photo ID
• Birth Certificates and/or Passports
• Evidence of dissolution of any previous marriages.


Who can come along?

An elopement is an intimate affair. Legally you need two witnesses, over the age of 18 - I will happily organise someone for you or you can ask someone special to join you.

Intimate packages feature a guest list of less than a dozen folk. With room and smiles for a handful of your most special people to attend your ceremony, we know it will be lovely.

How much does it cost?

An elopement with Donna begins at $790. Which other professionals you ask to come along is up to you - for a full information package hit up the contact page or simply email Donna at